December 12-13, Huatulco, Mexico

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The growing need for more efficient transport systems and a healthier environment imply a shift of paradigm in mobility, transport and logistics. Intermodal transport takes advantage of the strengths of different transport modes in one integrated transport chain, thereby improving efficiency and economic performance of the system.

Enhancement of both network sustainability and resilience is an important criterion to explore trade-offs associated with intermodal freight and passenger transport. However, scientific knowledge needs to be allied with further technical and economic studies in order to overcome barriers such as insufficient interconnectivity, lack of cooperation and competition between the modes, as well as and the need for harmonised security and safety procedures.

This conference aims at bringing together talented researchers and industry practitioners from around the world to discuss and stimulate the exchange of ideas that can address growing congestion and pollution in urban areas worldwide, as well as an improved efficiency in integrated and sustainable multimodal transport.

It is intended for all levels of experience, making it an excellent opportunity for networking and forging professional relationships. We will be pleased to welcome Dr. Antoni Guash (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain), Dr. Adriano Solis (York University, Canada) and MSc Eduardo Villarreal (Interbrew) as Keynote Speakers.

The MULTILOG 2019 Conference offers the opportunity to submit an extended version of the best papers related to simulation to a special issue of the Simulation Notes Europe journal.

Selected papers can also be submitted in an extended form as a book chapter for the new volume of Applied Simulation and Optimization 3: New applications in Logistics, Industrial and Aeronautical Practice, to be published by Springer.


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